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Update #2 - 12/07/09

Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:10 pm by Blaze

TheOldDays - Portal News2copy-1

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The Project!

Sat Jul 04, 2009 2:09 pm by Blaze

TheOldDays - Portal TheProjectsmaller2

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Update #1 09/07/09

Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:53 am by Blaze

TheOldDays - Portal News21

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What the Fuck is This??

Sat Apr 11, 2009 7:10 am by Blaze

What the Fuck is This?!

First of All. Welcome.

I'd like to start of by explaining the purpose of this forum.
Now some of you may remember the "Decent" Roleplay community we had leading up to MTA:RP. Unfortunately, due to Net Beef, this whole community was segregated in to many different parts. Now for many of us (well at least most people i've spoken to) RPing, just isnt as fun anymore, since the splits. So the aim of this whole forum is to Re-United everyone back together and try and get everyone back on one server, So i urge everyone who has a memory of a decent RP time on old EvG/MTA-RP to sign up here and just let us know if you'd be down for RPing as our good old community once again. This site is NOT geared towards any RP server at the moment, I'm hoping that we can eventually decide where we can set this all up again. We hope to bring back alot of the Old factions at least for the start of this. Its not gonna be easy, but with everyones help, this could just work out.

We are looking to get in touch with People from the following factions:

Grove Street Families Led By Jon Drayton
Front Yard Families Led By Kiko
The Ballas Led By Edward
Russian Mafia Led By Levi And Alexei
Yakuza Led by Akiro & Sakamoto
Blood State Villains Led By Blaze
Kracc King Crips Led By Tyrone Crawford (Lensuh)
The Vagos Led By Edus? Carlito? Maybe?

If You know any of these people or were involved in any of these factions please let us know on these forums. Thank

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Update - 27/04/09

Mon Apr 27, 2009 6:06 am by Blaze

Update - 27/04/09
Right so. We've managed to find almost all of the faction leaders we were looking for and several familiar names have shown up.
For now, its obvious that everyone is caught up in theyre own things and will not be abandoning it to join one community at the moment, which is fair enough. So for now, feel free to just use these forums as a use of keeping up to date with where people are, what new servers are comming, what features they have etc.

At the moment members seem to be supporting (in No Particular Order):

Global Roleplay -
American Dream Roleplay -
Valhalla Gaming's MTA Roleplay - - Promotional Thread

And you'll be likely to find some promotions from those servers in the future. Keeping in mind that i'll only be posting servers that this forum community seems to be showing an interest to, so please don't PM me to place information if your unknown. (LS-RP is not posted up here as not any moderators are here promoting but if someone really wants to promote it with a nice promotional my guest)

Other than that you may come across some faction recruitment threads for some of these servers.
Anyway, alot of you already knew this, i just wanted to post somethin to summerise for any late comers.

Peace & Love
Arrow Blaze

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